Feedback On The Token Skeptic – And Help Hayley Fundraise For QEDCon!

I haven’t done a “Monday Morning Muse” for a while – how about I ask you to be inspiring?

The Token Skeptic podcast is now up to Episode #136… and I’m wondering how it’s doing for listeners? If you’re able to spare a few minutes, please head over to the Token Skeptic 2012 survey at this link: Token Skeptic Survey.

What am I after? Basic demographics, what episodes you’ve listened to (if any) and preferred length of show.

All submissions are anonymous and if you’d like to give more information to help the podcast out, please answer all the questions – including the one about suggestions for the show!

If you’re feeling even more generous – check out Hayley Steven’s second annual to raise funds to get people to QEDCon!

What’s QEDCon, happening in 2013 from the 13-14th April? It’s like this:

Or, at least that’s my experience of it, back in 2010.

Help me get people to QEDcon (held in manchester next April) by making a donation today, and be in with a chance of winning some of the FANTASTIC prizes listed below*
Donate £10 and get entered once
Donate £20 and get entered twice
Donate £30 and get entered three times, and so on…
Those who donate under £10 will stand be entered once into a separate draw to win a Placebo Band.

Hayley has been busily collecting great prizes from skeptics and has already got a number of people in the pool to win – so check out her site at The ‘Get people to QEDcon’ fund and see if we can beat the record of seven people for 2012!

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