More ScienceRewired Interviews – And What Do You Want From A Skeptical Podcast?

Firstly – a few links that you may have missed!

New interviews out for the ScienceRewired AudioBoo series I’ve been doing:

Interview With Wilson DaSilva – Cosmos Magazine at ScienceRewired
Interview with Dr Laurel Evelyn Dyson – Centre for Human Centred Technology Design at ScienceRewired
Interview With Kirsten Gottschalk – ICRAR at sciencerewired

I’m REALLY looking forward to this conference, so if you’re interested in a Tweet-up or networking, do let me know and we’ll see what is possible!

In the meantime, I’m currently going through the two-dozen or so responses to my questionnaire for the Token Skeptic podcast – and I’m still curious.

How many of you listen to my show? And if not, why not? Are there too many podcasts as it is, is the content all the same… what really appeals to a skeptical audience or even a general one? I’ve been wondering if I should change the format of shows, ask for more support – is there a possibility of just improving the technology I’m using or should it be the content that changes?

If you’re not a regular listener, you might be interested in looking (or even listening!) to some of the most recent episodes and seeing if there’s a pattern you agree or disagree with? Here’s the “best of” episodes:

#60 – On Token Skepticism – The Best Of (So Far)

#120 – On Token Skepticism – The Best Of (Yet Again)

And here’s the last dozen episodes:

#136 – Atheist Books 101 With Embiggen Books

#135 – On Testing Shuzi Qi Claims With The Merseyside Skeptics

#134 – On ScienceRewired – Interviews On Science, Society And Education

#133 – On Science And Skepticism – Talk By Dr Steve Novella At QEDCon 2011

#132 – On Tweets And BigFeets – Interview With Hayley Stevens

#131 – On Philosophy In Schools – Philosophy For Children With Dr Sue Knight

#130 – On Science Podcasting (In Space!) – Interview With Dr Pamela Gay and Fraser Cain

#129 – On Confessions of an Ex-Mormon Ex-Polygamist Ex-Wife – It’s Not About The Sex (My Ass!)

#128 – On Bad Books And Infinite Monkey Cages – Interview With Robin Ince

#127 – On The Sex Myth – Interview With Dr Brooke Magnanti

#126 – On Magic And Psychology – Interview With Anthony Barnhart

#125 – On Secular Women – Interview With Bridget Gaudette

I’ve had some feedback before about the podcast (in particular, this blogpost here) – but as I get closer to 150 episodes, I’m interested in seeing if I can improve or reach a wider audience.

So, if you have any spare minutes, please head over to the Token Skeptic 2012 survey and thanks very much for your time!

Oh – and a new episode should be out tonight, so stay tuned!

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