Now Out – CSICOP’s Curiouser And Curiouser On Shuzi Sports Band – And More ScienceRewired Interviews!

Here’s a quick update – even more interviews out for the ScienceRewired AudioBoo series I’ve been doing!

Interview With Cobi Smith – CPAS at ScienceRewired


Interview With Deborah Cleland – ANU at ScienceRewired

Of course, you can still sign on for the conference, coming up very soon on the 11th October!

While you’re listening, jump on over to my latest Curiouser and Curiouser column over on the CSICOP website – If You Know Shuzi Like the Merseyside Skeptics Know Shuzi: Testing the Shuzi Sports Band Video:

Kylie Sturgess: Firstly, for those persons who don’t know what a sports performance wristband is, what do they involve?

Mike Hall: These bands have been on the market for a few years now, and the manufacturers claim that they interact with the body’s bio fields by some mechanism. In the case of the Power Balance Bracelet for example, which is probably the most famous one, they have a special hologram that interacts with the bio field of the body—whatever that is. And somehow (by mechanisms they usually don’t adequately explain) this improves an athlete’s concentration and performance. Balance was the big one, hence the name “Power Balance” and that sort of thing.

And then they marketed these things to athletes. And usually the way they market these things to athletes is to get notable athletes to wear the things and thus aspiring athletes will see them and go, “Oh, well, famous athlete X wears a wristband and therefore I must also wear this band.”

Check out the whole interview (plus the video!) over on CSICOP Curiouser and Curiouser!

By the way, my questionnaire for the Token Skeptic podcast is still open and I’d be happy to use any suggestions or ideas you have about science podcasting during my presentation at ScienceRewired – so please send in a little feedback, it’ll be greatly appreciated.

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