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After a busy day today, I’ll be hopping back into broadcasting interviews with the presenters (the current ones are housed here at AudioBoo and there should be another one out tonight and more on the way!) – but if you’re more into print than audio, here’s a great little article over on the Scientific American blog about the event!

How Combining Digital Technology And Science Communication Can Make The World A Better Place

In 2011 two seemingly different worlds collided—one was brimming with digital innovation and global online communication and the other was filled with environmental science and face to face dialogues in developing country communities. One half of the puzzle waxed lyrical about the wonders of digital technology and social media, while the other insisted on knowing how these shiny toys could benefit the people and places struggling to survive in the modern world. After a great deal of social media fuelled dialogue and debate, it was revealed that each world could greatly benefit from learning from the other. The result was a new concept and fledgling organisation co-founded by Andrew Gregson and myself called science rewired.

Check out the whole article here and sign on to be a part of the event at sciencerewired.

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