Watch The The 22nd First Annual Ig Nobel Prize Ceremony With Me!

The 2012 Ig Nobel Prize Ceremony takes place on Thursday, September 20th at Sanders Theater, Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts. Ten (10) prizes are awarded. The winners have all done something that first makes people LAUGH and then makes them THINK.

I greatly enjoyed last year’s presentation that included poetry and an appearance by Amanda Palmer – I’ve followed the awards since Dr Karl Kruszelnicki won an 2002 Ig Nobel Prize for his Belly Button Lint Survey. Enjoy!

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  • Cuttlefish

    Loving this! Thank you so much!

    • Kylie Sturgess

      I hope you saw the green beard!

      • Cuttlefish

        No–no green beard…

  • Cuttlefish

    Argh! Got a phone call from my folks in the middle of this! How dare they update me on my mother’s spinal surgery, in the middle of the IgNobels?!? The nerve!

    Oh, yeah… and I missed most of the good stuff here. Bummer.

    On the other hand… my mom is doing great. Back home from the hospital, several days before anticipated. Good news on all fronts but one–she now has to face my dad’s cooking.

    • Kylie Sturgess

      Oh, that’s great news! I’ll have to see if they do re-runs of the show and watch it with you later!

  • chris

    In November, on the day after the American Thanksgiving, Science Friday broadcasts a 90 minute audio version of the ceremony. It can also be downloaded as a podcast at, or its feed at