Daily Mail Lifts Scientific American Blog Running Ponies? Compare Bec Crew’s Work To Damien Gayle’s Bobbit Worm…

What caught my eye this morning? Well, read this article, on Bec Crew’s Running Ponies – Eunice aphroditois is rainbow, terrifying (which I did, a few days ago)…

…now read this one – Skinny dipping will never seem like a good idea again: The 10ft-long rainbow ‘bobbit worm’ that uses scissors to slice prey in two. It’s by Damien Gayle in the Daily Mail.

Does it look familiar?

Here, use this image to help you compare – thanks to Professor Funk for all the hard work annotating, and introducing us all to this very useful plagiarism-catching website, Duplication Detector:

Twitter has lit up with re-Tweets and comments about the article, including Ed Yong and Bora Zivkovic – here’s a sample from the Storify that I made of the Tweets:

[View the story “Bec Crew’s “Eunice aphroditois” In Running Ponies Compared To Damien Gayle’s “Bobbit Worm” in Daily Mail” on Storify]

[<a href=”http://storify.com/kyliesturgess/bec-crew-s-eunice-aphroditois-in-running-ponies-co” target=”_blank”>View the story “Bec Crew’s “Eunice aphroditois” In Running Ponies Compared To Damien Gayle’s “Bobbit Worm” in Daily Mail” on Storify</a>]What I also noticed while looking for Damien Gayle’s article? This one that he wrote earlier:

Could CAPTCHAs get any more annoying? New PC test asks web users to take the ‘correct’ moral stance on civil rights issues

S0 – does the Daily Mail’s use of Bec Crew’s article make you feel: Happy? Annoyed? Freaking Weirded Out That They Thought They Could Get Away With It?

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