Happy Ada Lovelace Day – Women In Technology

Sorry, blogging is sparse because of work and other commitments – but I wanted to point out a great post by Ed Yong over on About Not Exactly Rocket Science:

It’s Ada Lovelace Day, in which people round the world celebrate the legacy of a legendary woman by “sharing stories of women— whether engineers, scientists, technologists or mathematicians — who have inspired you to become who you are today”.

I’m taking a slightly different tack. I’m sharing the names of women who tell stories – science writers whose work I admire. (If anyone’s wondering, here’s the intensely scientific method I used to compile the list: I sat down, wrote names, and stopped when I got to 15) Each name is accompanied with a brief reason why I think they’re awesome and some links to past work. And as I’ve said before, this is not a list of top female science writers; this is an all-female list of top science writers.

It’s a great list and there’s even more in the comments (such as Rebecca Skloot, whose book “The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks” I’ve recommended to a number of people, including classes I’ve taught:

Although I honestly don’t think I could top Ed’s list, I do have a number of podcast episode interviews with women involved in technology that I recommend. Most recently a transcript from episode #111 (On Now You See Her) over on the CSICOP website:

Decoding Immortality and Jabbed: Love, Fear and Vaccines – An Interview with Science Television Creator Sonya Pemberton.

You may also like to check out the BBC website, which features a video.

So, in that spirit, enjoy the day and check out the great number of women bloggers, podcasters and film-makers out there who continue to contribute science content online for the improvement of society.

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