Links Du Jour With Science, Sexism, Manga, Genomes, Magic – And Gold’s New Zealand Walk Completed!

Morning all (well, morning to those on my side of the planet) – some reads for the morning before I take a little break and focus on podcasting and exams for a while.

Firstly, a little while back my friend Gold decided to walk / bicycle ride from the very SOUTH of New Zealand to the very NORTH of New Zealand for charity – to raise funds for the Christchurch Earthquake Appeal Trust, Woman’s Refuge and NZ Skeptics.

And he did it.

Two hours, final 20km of a 2895km trip and my target destination and time was achieved with seconds to spare. 🙂  Best possible end of journey I could hope for. 

You can read the whole journal here at Intentionally Homeless.

Some more positive news – Live chat on the $1,000 genome on Tuesday night, with @dgmacarthur@DrBondar and @TechNyou:, thanks to Science Alert and TechNYou:

The advent of rapid DNA sequencing techniques has made it possible for an individual to have their genome mapped for a mere $1000. But is this a good idea? Join us on on October 23rd at 8pm (Australian Eastern Standard Time) for a live chat, brought to you by TechNyou. Geneticist Daniel MacArthur, ethicist Rony Duncan and ScienceAlert’s moderator Carin Bondar will aim to answer your questions as they explore the latest genetic breakthroughs and the tough moral issues that come with them.

I blogged an earlier chat session with Sara Mayhew and her team – here’s the details for the next one – LIVE Manga Doodles! Saturday, 21 October, 09:00 GMT+08:00.

On encouraging (and not so encouraging) of women in science – (Mis)Judging Female Scientists – Higher Ed:

…Maestripieri posted the comment on what he may have presumed was a somewhat private portion of his Facebook page. But at least one of his Facebook friends didn’t see the humor, and the post spread on Twitter and elsewhere. And the “no offense to anyone” conclusion of the post doesn’t seem to have prevented considerable offense.

The reaction has been intense online, with people tweeting comments like “Looks like Dario Maestripieri thought the #SFN conference was Paris Fashion Week” and others posting his e-mail account and or critiquing his looks.

Within the women-in-science blogosphere, many have been writing that Maestripieri’s Facebook post provides evidence of the kinds of attitudes they have long experienced, but that many men doubt.

Even more discussion over at Scientific American, at Reading the writing on the (Facebook) wall: a community responds to Dario Maestripieri.

New Study Explores Anti-Atheist Discrimination” by @Paulfidalgo on Hemant’s Blog.

“Magic seen by audiences creates awe, slows down time, improves patience, improved mental health and makes people nicer” – Awe therapy could ‘improve our mental health and make us nicer on the Independent.

And finally – some viewing – Ellen on Bic Pens For Her. Because It’s About Damn Time…

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