October 13th – Happy International Skeptics Day!

Happy birthday to the German Skeptics GWUP!

To all the skeptics out there and the wondering-about-skepticism – there should be a new interview out on the CSICOP Curiouser and Curiouser soon, on the documentaries of Sonya Pemberton! In the meantime, do check out the most recent episode with Pat Linse and Donald Prothero, two great contributors to the field.

The Token Skeptic survey (give feedback to get the kind of skeptical podcast you like to hear!) is still running until next Friday, all views greatly appreciated.

In celebration of the day – here’s a few favourite interviews and videos :

Homeopathy 10:23 in Antartica with Dr Paul Willis (who I had a great time hanging out with at the recent ScienceRewired!):

On Pseudoscience in Education – my talk for the World Skeptics Congress in Berlin:

Curiouser and Curiouser interviews over on the CSICOP website:

* Robin Ince – Comedy, Skepticism, And Happiness Through Science

Leo Igwe—The Constant Fight Against Irrationality

Mythbusting Cosmetic and Make-up Claims

From Ghost-Believing to Ghost-Busting with Project Barnum: Interview with Hayley Stevens

Interviews with the documentary creators of James Randi: An Honest Liar – Justin Weinstein and Tyler Measom

Finally – a special one by SciShow – happy skepticism day!

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