PAXAustralia Now Selling

I guess, like many others, I thought that there’d be a few weeks announcement before this was broadcast as tickets-now-available – but here you go:

After much speculation, the first international PAX will be held in Melbourne, Australia from the 19th to the 21st of July.

Registration is now open, with 3 day passes and single day passes available. More details regarding the exhibitors, tournaments, concerts and special guests will be announced during the lead up to the show, so be sure to check back regularly or follow PAX Australia on Facebook or Twitter for the latest updates.

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  • chris

    My son had his ticket for the Seattle PAX mailed to our house (more secure than his apartment mail). But that almost backfired. The word “PAX” with the last one being a game controller makes it look like it is from a church. So I thought it was a another mailing from the church group he took part in while in high school (his friends went, and they had fun gatherings and did not mind he was an atheist), and almost tossed it in the bin. But held on to it for him.

    By the way, the Seattle PAX sold out in less than a day. He got to it right after work and was only able to get a one day pass.