QED 2011 – Ghost Investigations Today With Dr Chris French, Hayley Stevens And Trystan Swale

I am so glad this is online! One of the really enjoyable sessions from 2011′s QEDCon.

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  • http://gravatar.com/pvcvt pvcvtDon Gregory

    Apologies to coming so late to the party, but I’ve only recently begun listening to your podcast … so far, so great stuff! thanks for all your efforts. You may wonder why I’m posting on such an old blog-post, and I wouldn’t ordinarily do so (since the universe has often moved on long ago), but this time I couldn’t resist. Concerning your nice, short, video-podcast (on 5/27/2011), showing short clips after the QEDCon.2011 … I cannot, even with considerable noodling, figure out why (or even how, given I’m assuming it’s digital technology), you would go to the effort to reverse approx 20 sec of the video? (from about 19-34 sec). There are people clearly walking backwardly (new word, I like it!). Whassup with that? thanks again, I look forward to catching up!

    • Kylie Sturgess

      No worries, email sent!