TONIGHT – Australian Emmy Award Winning Documentary Immortal – And New Token Skeptic On Rbutr And Reddit!

Emmy Award winning Immortal explores the science of telomeres – special screening #SBS 830pm TONIGHT!

I spoke to director Sonya Pemberton at the Australian Science Communicators National Convention, held earlier this year in Sydney, after she presented on a panel called “What’s The Buzz: What’s New in Science Television”.

A transcript of that interview will be featured in the Curiouser and Curiouser column on the CSICOP website – if you haven’t heard my discussion with her before, check out Token Skeptic Episode #111!

Immortal is a film that follows the work of Noble Prize-winning Australian scientist Professor Elizabeth Blackburn, whose team in 1984 discovered an enzyme deep in the DNA of a single-celled pond creature tetrahymena, leading to studies on the synthesis and function of telomeres. As a result, she was awarded the Nobel Prize for Physiology for Medicine in 2009. The film investigates the inner workings of Professor Blackburn’s studies and the implications it has on ageing, disease and cancer.

On her production company’s website, Pemberton describes her next film Jabbed: Love, Fear and Vaccines:

“Diseases that were largely eradicated forty years ago are returning. Across the world children are dying from preventable conditions because nervous parents are skipping their baby’s shots. And yet the stories of vaccine injury are terrifying, with rare cases of people being hurt, even killed, by vaccines. To vaccinate or not – how do we decide?”

Interviews have been conducted worldwide, from Bhutan to Brisbane, Marseille to Minnesota – including interviews with the likes of Paul A. Offit, MD and the stories of families whose lives are irrevocably altered by the politics of immunisation.

In other podcasting news – for Token Skeptic #141, “On Rbutr And Reddit – Skepticism Online” out later today, I talk to Shane Greenup of Rbutr (it’s the full version of the interview you might have already caught part of on The Pod Delusion, Episode #155) and to Reddit moderators Joe Fredette (jfredett) and Kyle Vanderbeek (Kylev), on what Reddit involves and some of the preconceptions (and misconceptions) people have about the site.

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