Tweet-Up! Café Scientifique: Xenotransplantation At Adelaide’s Science Exchange, 10th October!

Sorry everyone – delay on the podcast due to a) gas leak in the house and b) a really bad headache (which I suspect is related to a) ) – but in the meantime, I really wanted to promote this which is happening the night before ScienceRewired.

Even if you’re not attending ScienceRewired, you can not only attend this for free, but check out the live-stream! It’d be great to read your Tweets and possibly even catch up in person!

…I don’t know what the hashtag for the night will be if you’re planning attending online. #donorpiggy? #Xenopig? #FakinWithBacon?

Event date: Wednesday 10 October 2012 – 6:00pm to 7:30pm


Book tickets for this event here.

Café Scientifique: Xenotransplantation – the solution to our organ shortage?

Recent awareness programs about Australian organ donation has highlighted the shortage of organs for transplantation. One potential solution may be xenotransplantation – taking organs from animals and transplanting them into humans.

Is this a feasible way forward, or is it sci-fi fantasy? And what are the ethical and social issues around this?

Join our panel of experts as they discuss Xenotransplantation, and then we’ll open the floor to you, the audience, to discuss and question the direction Australia should be considering. Have your say.

Speakers for the night will be:

Dr Toby Coates from the Royal Adelaide Hospital

Professor Anthony D’Apice from St Vincent’s Hospital Melbourne

Dr Bernadette Richards from the University of Adelaide


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