Blog Break (And Bird)

My shoulder is all bandaged up and I have to take a computer break for a while until treatment is underway.

I will write this last little event from today:

Driving back, I saw two crows on the side of the road, appearing to pick at something both red and yellow. Then I realised, as I drove past, that it was a rainbow lorikeet.

I could hear it screaming. It was spinning around and around on its back, lashing out with its claws as the crows aimed for its head.

Rainbow lorikeets are sociable with other lorikeets – I saw the others, probably from its flock in a nearby tree, also screaming.

This is what they usually look like:

Rainbow lorikeets sound awful. Like a cocktail party jovially dying at the bottom of a well as it fills up with cement. But I still like them, even though they’re classed as a pest.

I turned my car into a driveway, swung back and drove directly at the crows.

Crows: “…???…!!!! #$*&#^$&!!!”

Rainbow Lorikeet:F&#* you! And F*$# you too! Come back here, you bastard crows, I’ll have you! I’m not done!

I got out of the car, ran over and tried to pick it up… and it seized my car keys.

Rainbow Lorikeet: “I’ve got your keys! Don’t you touch me! I’ll key your car AND you AND those crows! Put me down! I’m not done yet!

Getting it into the car wasn’t easy. I gave up on getting the keys back and ended up wiggling the car key off the fob and driving off with it holding my keys.

About half a suburb away was a vet – I had a shoebox that I found on the back seat from god knows when that I put him into, and the vet helped me get my keys back. It took about five minutes, the bird was determined to hang onto them.

I don’t know if the bird is okay. They’re not a protected species. Maybe his wings are broken. He could still see, although there was a bloodied patch on the top of his head. It’s in the hands of the vet now.

I don’t know if this is a happy ending to the story, but if I don’t let my arm rest, I won’t blog again for even longer, so thank you everyone for the comments and for the Tweets and I’ll try to keep up with news and hopefully at least  some podcasts before the end of the month.

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