Breaking – Police Montréal: Dennis Markuze Arrested (Again)

For details on who Dennis Markuze / David Mabus is, there is a summary on the Friendly Atheist – but essentially, if you also have been spammed since 2006 like I have via email, Facebook, Twitter, had nasty comments attached to you via YouTube videos and even worried about him turning up at conventions in the north of the US – looks like the Montréal Police have stepped up. Again.

Thanks for the early seasonal present, officials of Montreal, it is much appreciated after years of nonsense. It’ll be nice to hope the only archangels on high that I’ll have to be subjected to online are incidental links to silly Christmas songs.

Quick update – Doubtful News has more links, including a report from the Montreal Gazette on the story.

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  • TCC

    Good. He was spamming me on Twitter, and he’s really been at it for a while now. The guy needs serious help.

    • dalehusband

      People say he needs help, but why? I think he is a monster who just needs to be locked up for a long, long time!

      • Kylie Sturgess

        He’s already been treated and clearly he’ll return to be treated again. Monsters are something that feature on Monster Talk podcast – this guy is still someone who needs help.

  • Rodney Nelson

    Thank you for the link to the singing hedgehogs. They certainly make beautiful music.

    • Kylie Sturgess

      Well, after personally putting up with this for YEARS (like around 2006/7), I thought we could all use a little cheering up at the end… :)

  • Stevarious, Public Health Problem

    That’s funny, I heard it wasn’t him, but a fan of his work doing all that spamming.

    Is it really possible that Dennis Markuze is a liar?! I thought it was only us evil atheists that lied!