Final Note – Donate To Donors Choose And Appearance On The Atheist Nomads

I nearly forgot… and I know this is unforgettable:

Big thank you to all the people who donate to the podcast. Seriously, it’s a huge boost and makes a difference to securing the show and I continue to be inspired and excited knowing that people like you are supportive. I’ll be zipping an email out to you later today, but in the meantime, thanks very much for your help and I hope you enjoy the next one that should be out early next week. I’m still planning and brainstorming shows, so I hope you stay tuned for what’s to come.

Donors Choose –  It’s still going on, even if I’m not here blogging. Please, check out the range of projects on offer, including all the other FreeThought Bloggers, like Stephanie, Greta and DigitalCuttlefish. Some ones I’ve selected for support include (and there’s plenty of projects to check out):

Passionate About Reading!

A Trip Down Under to Australia – you can tell why I selected this one!

Relief for students in Brooklyn affected by Hurricane Sandy

Need Basic Supplies Because of Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Sandy Recovery – Book Bags, Books and Journals

Learning with “Bullying in Schools”

Hands-On Science Maximizes Learning!

Help Us Build Our Classroom Library! (Part 4)

Science Rocks!!!

We Need a Laptop to Help Us Learn!

Finally, I’m scheduled to appear… as an interviewee! I’ll be on a show called The Atheist Nomads very soon – and I’m probably too busy and distracted by recent events at the moment to be nervous about it, but please do check out their site as Australian fast-talking, usually-on-the-other-side-of-the-interview interviewees is just the start – they have many great shows for you to check out. I really enjoyed Episode 12 with Chris Hofstader, for example!

Thanks again, everyone. Enjoy some Rachel Maddow, concluding on what has been a very busy week:

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