Little Kitten – Roast News On Pro-Vaccine Campaign

The Roast 26th November: Pro-vaccine campaign launched. Anti-vaccine campaigners too sick with Bubonic Measles to respond.

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  • Lofty

    Shared now on another forum discussion on vaccination. Thanks!

    • Kylie Sturgess

      You’re welcome!

  • prestonstafford

    I got a good chuckle out of this but…

    Any suggestions for dealing with an anti-vaxxer? Because I really suck at changing their minds.

    • Andy

      It’s often not about changing the minds of an anti-vaxxer so much as attempting to reduce their impact on people who might think be persuaded if they don’t here the pro-vax side.

      As they say, “you can’t reason a person out of a position they didn’t reason themselves into”. And a lot of anti-vaxxers are apparently persuaded more by fear-mongering and conspiracy theory than reason.

    • Kylie Sturgess

      Sorry I don’t have acess to a computer to discuss at length, but Eugenie Scott , and I discussed the issue of helping out with misconceptions in an indirect fashion in episode 63 that you can listen to?

  • Andy

    My typing still sucks…

    …people who might be persuaded if they don’t hear the pro-vax side…

  • prestonstafford

    Kylie: thank you
    Andy: exactly