Little Kitten – World War Z – Official Trailer

Okay – the books? I know them well. Really well. And not just because the author is the son of Mel Brooks.

This doesn’t look like the books, right?

[And where the hell is Colonel Christina Eliopolis? Aw man!!]

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  • William Brinkman

    It looks like 28 Days Later with a bigger budget.

    • Kylie Sturgess


  • jehk

    Those zombies look silly. Come one people. Walking Dead is how to do zombie right.

    • Kylie Sturgess

      That Walking Dead is good. The book had comparative slow-moving zombies. This is indeed silly.

      • jehk

        Fast moving zombies can work. It just betrays my vision of the books. I think that trailer had a clip from Yonkers. That battle will be enough to get me into the theater. However, the dogpile at the end bugs me.

  • Cam

    I don’t know the books, but I like the idea of fast moving zombies for a change, and the trailer looks pretty cool from my un-informed angle.

    With zombie families on the backs of SUVs, have the jumped the shark and if they have, what is next (vampires, werewolves, zombies, pirates, wizards and elves all done to death) how about bunyips!

    That said, the only film I am really looking forward to is Elfquest (but am very worried it will be shite instead of what it could be, which is amazing)

    • Kylie Sturgess

      I would so go to a bunyip movie. Elfquest is one I haven’t been keeping up with, I’ll start keeping an eye out for that, thanks!

    • Rabidtreeweasel

      The book was written as an oral history of a world war of humanity against zombies. It’s told in snippets from different characters around the world. The point of entry is a journalist who’s been hired to archive information and put it in the form of a book, but that journalists story is never really told. Instead the story unfolds through the interviews. When I heard they were making a movie I expected (hoped) it would be a mockumentary, which would have been really interesting. It looks from the trailer like the only thing they kept was that zombies attack people, which is pretty much every zombie ever. Fast moving zombies are cool and all, but the Dead remakes did that already in a movie that was at least faithful to the source material.

      I recommend the book. It’s flat out pure hand spun awesome sauce served over crisped amazing.

      • jehk

        I recommend the audiobook. Its the perfect medium to tell these stories in.

        • Rabidtreeweasel

          I can only find it abridged so I take it that’s due to the formatting of the book? As long as it’s not abridged in a way that takes away from the original narrative that could be really awesome. I’ll see if I can find a preview chapter to listen to. Thanks for the recommend!

    • Stevarious, Public Health Problem

      So I looked up the trailer for that Elfquest thing….


      I don’t remember all the elves being female. In fact, I remember at least one male elf being a main character.

      Is there more than one ‘Elf Quest’? What am I missing here?

    • WMDKitty (Always growing and learning)

      I’m not getting psyched up about the ElfCrack movie until I know it’s a done deal. I’ve got my fingers crossed, but… too many times, we’ve heard the words “movie deal” only to be disappointed.

      That said, if it does actually happen, I am SO there.

  • SpaceQueso

    From what I heard, the original movie was supposed to go along pretty much exactly with the books, but one of the higher ups decided that wouldn’t make enough money, so they totally rewrote it to be very mediocre, in hopes of reaching a wider audience.

  • Troythulu

    Hmmm. I’ve yet to read much in the way of zombie stories (easily grossed out…) but this looks interesting. I’ve referred this trailer to a friend of mine at the gaming shop I visit over the weekend. Fast-moving zombies would seem more of a threat even if somewhat silly, so this could be good. Thanks for pointing me towards this, Kylie!