NBA Challenged By Mark Cuban For “These Sham Balance Bracelets”

From Yahoo Sports:

“One of the biggest energy bracelets, Power Balance, even paid a $57 million out-of-court class-action settlementafter consumers alleged rampant false advertising regarding the bracelets’ capabilities. That payment forced them into bankruptcy, but they’re still making products. Reach for those profits in any way you can, guys!

Despite these issues, the NBA has gladly taken on Power Balance as a business partner. Although the company no longer lends its name to the home arena of the Sacramento Kings, it does make versions of its bracelets emblazoned with the logos of all 30 NBA teams. Naturally, that means the league also wants players to wear the bracelets as a form of advertisement.”

Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban says otherwise:

NB – it’s a nice video, but Cuban, the owner of the Dallas Mavericks was once set to finance a cinema release of Loose Change narrated by Charlie Sheen…

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  • maxdwolf

    Not a basketball fan, but that was awesome.

    • Kylie Sturgess

      Yeah, I wouldn’t know a team from a My Little Pony brigade, but I thought this was pretty sweet of him.

  • Kevin K

    As long as it’s just jewelry, then I have no problem with them. They cost less than $10, even with an NBA team logo. So, it’s like a souvenir hat.

    Anything other than that — nonsense.

    Of course, athletes are pretty superstitious. I think Rory McIlroy wears one. If that’s all it took to have his swing, hell, I’d wear one.

  • Zeno

    For some strange reason, the exit sign on Interstate 80 still says “Arco Arena” and was never modified to “Power Balance Pavilion.” I’m not a sports fan and don’t pay any attention to the Sacramento Kings, but even I’ve noticed that more people still say “Arco Arena” rather than “Power Balance Pavilion.” Power Balance no longer has naming right to the Kings arena, but I don’t know what the next name is going to be. Is “Pseudoscience Park” out of the running?

    • Kylie Sturgess

      Pseudoscience Park would ROCK as a name. Imagine booking it for skeptic and / or atheist and / or science events!!

  • Andy

    We get TV ads for one of these bracelets (different brand, same nonsense) out here in the regions. Do you get them in Perth Kiles?

    • Kylie Sturgess

      I don’t watch much TV! Zip me the name of it when you see it next? :)