New Resource: Science Media Savvy – Helping Scientists Work Effectively With The Media


About Science Media Savvy from AusSMC on Vimeo.

The misrepresentation of science and a need for more science heroes in the media are the driving forces behind a new online tool for scientists. Developed by the Australian Science Media Centre with support from CSIRO, Science Media Savvy is a pioneering online tool to help scientists work with the media and better inform public debate on the major issues of the day.

Featuring interviews with news journalists and editors, advice from researchers experienced in media and videos highlighting how to improve print and broadcast interview experiences, this free resource provides tips and advice for understanding and dealing with the news media.

…Science Media Savvy provides an understanding of the news media cycle, what journalists want from scientists and tips for working with TV, radio and print. A second module on using social media is now being developed in collaboration with communication companies Econnect and Bridge8, and with financial support from the Federal Government’s Inspiring Australia program.

Source: Australian Science Media Centre press release

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