OFSTED Report Highly Praises Accelerated Christian Education Schools… Written By A.C.E Author

Sorry, I’ve been so busy recently that the only news I saw coming out today was about a hedgehog being trapped in a chip packet, requiring six people to rescue it.

But don’t let that distract you from a blogpost by Jonny Scaramanga on the ongoing issues with UK education, that might make you wish you had a chip packet to hide from the head-desk-smacking incredulity of it all:

Where I come from, this is called corruption

…This is a link to an OFSTED report (that’s a government-mandated school inspection, international readers) of The Christian School of London. The school is praised thoroughly. The ACE curriculum comes off particularly well. [Don't know what ACE is? Here's a good place to start finding out]

The author of this report is Stephen Dennett. This name will be unfamiliar to you, but it is highly familiar to me, because as a child I had to sit through his talks at Accelerated Christian Education’s European Student Convention.

Read the whole series of blogposts over at http://leavingfundamentalism.wordpress.com.

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  • F

    Poor hedgehog. There was this, though:
    Somerset vicar held on voyeurism charge.

    Gee, there’s no conflict of interest or anything with that schools inspection. Nice.

  • Moggie

    Ofted are no strangers to conflicts of interest. If a school is given a damning report from an Ofsted inspection, it may be forced to become a sponsored academy. Ofsted contract out school inspections in the south of England to a company called Tribal, who also… sell services to schools making the transition to academy status.