To The Republicans Who Said They Will Move To Australia If Obama Won…

Apparently inspired by the BuzzFeed article “37 People Who Say They Will Move To Australia If Obama Wins“:

[Personally, it's not THAT accurate - evolution is still being challenged in some schools; our PM still has some work to do in regards to gay marriage, etc, and of course there's ongoing issues with rights to abortion... but well done to America, regardless]

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  • Andy, uncultured Brit

    I really think a lot of Americans are unaware of how right-wing their country is on a global scale. I remember hearing something similar in 2008 from the right about moving to Canada.

  • katkinkate

    That’s what I was thinking, Those USAmericans are crazy.

  • hexidecima

    well, from the election you can see just how many American are indeed *still* crazy. Happily, the sane ones won out this time.

    I’d like to ship the nuts to a little more south than Australia. Antarctica would be nice. We could build a wind barrier for the penguins out of them.

    • Kylie Sturgess

      New Zealand would just dress them as orcs for the Hobbit sequel.

  • davidct

    It is a sad commentary on our education system in the US that, many Americans are clueless about the rest of the world. Once out of school the media does little to show more than a tourist’s eye view of what life is like in the world beyond our borders. That is how so many people can come to believe that Australia is just another “Red” state.

  • gshevlin

    Is Tasmania a better bet? I read some time ago that it is less progressive than the rest of the country. That would have the advantage of keeping the crazies offshore…

    • Moosebites

      Actually Tasmania seems to be more progressive, even though us mainlanders give them shit for being behind the times & backwards. Their environmental & social policies, which are usually a good indicator of one’s political bent, are much further to the left than any other Aussie state.

  • Benjamin

    I hope I don’t sound too snarky, but it could have been summed up thusly:

    To the republicans who said they would move to Australia if Obama won: Move somewhere else – we have enough idiots here already.

  • Alethea H. “Crocoduck” Dundee

    Not Tasmania. Far North Queensland would be their best bet.

  • harbo

    Tony and, his mate Pell, will fix it for them.

    • Kylie Sturgess

      *runs screaming*

  • Chris Cassella

    Some things Republications would find more to their liking in Australia: 1) government funded religious-affiliated schools 2) Private super annuation accounts 3) 30% corporate tax rate

    • Kylie Sturgess

      If you mean “would find more to their liking” equals “would probably run screaming”, then yes! :)

  • Suido

    Not Tasmania. Far North Queensland would be their best bet.

    QFT. Campbell Newman is a bloky, actually-served-in-the-army, christian version of Mitt.

    Slash and burn governance is being conducted in Qld; casual analysis of the spending cuts being enacted by the state gvt show they’re being driven by % reduction targets rather than cost/benefit analysis of the programs/jobs. Also opening up the Daintree for development… Mitt would be right at home. Puke.

  • perfectone

    we should actualy send all different type of americans to australia, once they see what a dump it really is , the high tax rate and high cost of living would make them vote a different way. to most americans, australia is portrayed as a final frontier of sorts, unaware that it is overun with the disease called liberalism.

  • Andy

    I met a young adult last year who was “educated” at a private school in Albany (West Australia). It seems he was taught that evolution was some sort of alternative viewpoint that some people believed in. He thought it, like climate change, was nonsense.

    He could spell very well either.

  • Andy

    Ha ha! I shot my own foot!

    “He could spell very well either.” = “He COULDN’T spell very well either.”

    Bloody public education system. Bugger.

    • Kylie Sturgess

      Hey, I laughed! Not so bad! Actually, I think I might know what private school you’re talking about… Great Southern? I worked with a former admin from there (shivers in recollection).

      • Andy

        No, not GSG. And it’s not just private schools. I’m informed a public school in a nearby town once had a science teacher who also disparaged evolution. I think the difference is that some private schools adopt it as more of a curriculum position rather than the ill-informed position of individual teachers.

        But hey, Denmark’s got a Steiner school, and I shudder to think what might pass for education there.

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