WILD SEX! On The Token Skeptic Podcast! And 30% Off Skeptical Books On Lulu.Com!

I just always wanted to shout in the title of a blogpost – and with an interview about a webseries called Wild Sex, I wasn’t passing that opportunity up! Token Skeptic #145 – On Wild Sex with Dr Carin Bondar:

Let’s talk about sex. And not just any old sex. The animal kingdom is a wild place — and it’s got mating habits to match. We’re getting it on with kinky rituals, titillating pheromones, post-coital cannibalism, golden showers, orgy marathons and penises that put King Kong to shame. Biologist-with-a-twist Dr Carin Bondar is stripping down to the bare truth of nature’s X-rated side – with the new web-series Wild Sex!

For this Token Skeptic interview, we discuss Dr Carin Bondar’s start in science, her work as a PhD in freshwater ecology and in science communication (particularly film-making and blogging); whether sex, sexy and science should ever mix and what’s in store for viewers of the brand-new online series Wild Sex.

Speaking of wild, there’s 30% off Lulu.com books, including the Skeptical Blog Anthology – all proceeds go to help the Young Australian Skeptics and it’s a great little introduction to issues, ideas and figures in skepticism, on a range of topics:

The Skeptical Blog anthology features essays by: Dr Phillip Plait, Barbara Drescher, Dr Karen Stollznow, Sharon Hill, Dr Petra Boynton, Brian Thompson, Yau-Man Chan, Dr Chris French, Jack Scanlan, Laurie Tarr, Dr Amy Tuteur, Daniel Loxton, Jake Dickerman, Lisa Bauer, Desiree Schell, Michael Marshall, Andy Lewis, the Skeptics’ Guide to the Universe’s Evan Bernstein, Robert T Carroll and many others.  

You can also get 30% off my book, The Scope of Skepticism:

From Stephen Fry to Tim Minchin, Dr Pamela Gay to the Global Atheist Convention, The Scope of Skepticism is a collection of interviews and essays with some of the world’s most entertaining and intriguing people – providing food for thought on everything from paranormal claims, sex and relationships, education, art, science and faith.

Just use the code REDEMPTIO for 30% – or get 35% for orders over $750 with DELIRITAS.

Zip in before the seasonal rush – and enjoy checking out the webseries  Wild Sex!

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