Australia’s Prime Minister Predicts The End Of The World

VIDEO: PM: The end of the world is coming

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  • Lofty

    She never lies, does she????? (worry worry) And in that deadpan voice, too.;-)

    • Kylie Sturgess

      Yeah, I have issues with how the political situation in Australia has not improved in many ways… but damn, this amused the heck out of me. :)

      • Kylie Sturgess

        Oh – interview out tomorrow on the Token Skeptic podcast about on 2012 myths and what Australians are like when it comes to impending apocalypses. And how to treat people who do honestly believe (particularly kids).

        • Kylie Sturgess

          Tim will be helping Tom and Alex celebrate the forthcoming apocalypse on their End of the World special, tomorrow morning, 7th December 2012, on triple j by providing the songs for the last ever Like A Version!

          He’ll be live in the studio to perform one of his own tunes and his own interpretation of someone else’s. The show starts at 6am, but if that’s too early for you, the ATT* will be 7am-8:30am.

          There’s no word as to what Tim will be playing, so you’ll have to tune in to find out which song he’ll be murdering lovingly re-imagining.”

  • Lofty

    I don’t think too many Australians worry about the premature end of the world. One of the last great politicians of Australia, Don Dunstan, faced down the sea on the day a tsunami was to strike Adelaide. From the wikipedia entry on Donny:

    One famous demonstration of Dunstan’s charismatic style and media-savvy came in January 1976. A soothsayer predicted that due to Dunstan and the state’s social liberalisation—which he saw as sinful[121]—God would destroy Adelaide with a tsunami caused by an earthquake.[121] This was publicised by the media, prompting a not insignificant number of residents to sell their property and leave; some businesses had clearance sales while many who decided to stay indulged in doomsday parties.[121] Dunstan promised to stand on the seashore at Glenelg and wait for the imminent destruction. He did so on 20 January, the day of the predicted storm, and nothing happened, although he made newspaper headlines in the United Kingdom for his defiance.[121]

    Sadly I saw most of his enlightened and progressive policies dismantled over the next 30 years.

    • Kylie Sturgess

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  • Lofty

    Science, the end of the world, and robots. A news article from around your corner of Oz: