Little Kitten – Christmas And Maru

This is for Joey, Laurie, Rob, Catherine, Hayley, Sharon, Bridget, Milton, Chris, Alan, Barry, Karen, Ben, Alom, Jack, Anna, Harriet, Paul, Belinda, Samantha, Liz, Michael, Eugenie, Donald, Mary, Richard, Bayani, Jim, Bec, Lynne, Ed, Jennifer, Josh, Petra, Jim, Neil, Nicole, Simon, Helen, Pamela, Blake, Julia, Chris, Sebastian, Warren, Bruce, Ben, Janis, Melanie, DJ, Baxter, Reed, Bryan, Ann, Alexander, Alexa, Paul, Stuart, Tom, Per Johan, Wayne, Adam, Ande, Shelley, Jayson, John, Shell, Slau, Angela, Chris, even more Michaels, Jason, everyone who has appeared on my podcast this year, all the Twitter folk, everyone who worked with or met me at conferences – and most of all, Kathy.

Merry Christmas.

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  • Lofty

    Mmmm, simulated crunchy moths. That would go over like hot cakes with our two. We get some decent sized ones at our place, they get through gaps and bang around the room. Anywhere near the grey-and-white cat and its curtains for said moth! I would give the toy maybe 15 minutes before total destruction?

    • Kylie Sturgess

      For a rather dopey cat like Maru, it’ll probably take him a while! My lot are older now and usually just watch the moths going “huh…”