Little Kitten – The Embarrassing Aftermath of the Mayan ‘Apocalypse’

  • davidct

    The Myans were not in your time zone so you get until tomorrow. Is it tomorrow yet down-under? So far in my part of the world it looks as if my bills will still be due.

  • mikmik

    We are into the Mayan time zone now, and if you have any last details you need to take care of, now is the time.
    This just in! Hallej..Yay!, i mean!

    The Mayan Calendar finishes one of its great circles in December 2012. Some believe this is a sign of the End of the World.

    In Mexico City this happens on Friday, December 21, 2012 at 5:11:00 AM.

    World did not End! See time since the Mayan Calendar “World End” in Mexico City.

    Current local time in Mexico City

    I wonder if the Instant Cash place will give me my house back. Hmmmmmmm……….