Making A Better Internet – I’m For That

Firstly – new article out for Curiouser and Curiouser – it’s a seasonal one! The (Christmas) Season For Reason With Young Critical Thinkers  Interview with Laurie Tarr:

You may have heard that research indicates that life-experience purchases trump items when it comes to long-term satisfaction. To me, nothing indicates that more than having the kids imagine a rocket out of the box that the expensive gift came in, rather than enjoying the latest Apple product it once contained. In an effort to learn more about providing fun science adventures, I interviewed one of my favourite scientists, Laurie Tarr, about how she provides opportunities to explore science concepts in fun ways.

Head over to the Curiouser and Curiouser column, for “The (Christmas) Season For Reason With Young Critical Thinkers – I think there’s a lot to reflect upon in the article and some great ideas (with a video!).

Another piece that made me reflect recently is this one. It’s from Smashing Magazine.

“We can either take it easy and play to WWIC and bottom-half-of-the-Internet culture, or we can do it the hard way and think carefully about the meaning of the things we make and share. We can choose to ignore our darker tendencies and instead take responsibility for our users and how we ask them to spend their heartbeats. We can shift the flow of traffic away from the bottom half, all the way to the top.” Making A Better Internet By Rian van der Merwe.

This is one of the things that I think – hope? – I have been doing (and… I know… have been frustrated to the point of rudeness when talking about the importance of shifting traffic and producing good resources to make and share for others).

I’d like to see more positive, useful articles that I can use in my classrooms. Blogs and articles and resources that I can recommend, on topics like atheism, secularism, science and skepticism. Blog posts and articles and podcasts that suit both undergraduate university and high school, of all ages.

I’d like to see more people point out useful follows and articles, that I can then reflect upon and use to inspire my work.

I’d like to enjoy producing the last few Token Skeptic podcast episodes, up to #150, and feel like there’ll be an audience willing to have me produce another fifty. Or a hundred.

Or maybe even 300 (since, considering I don’t number my podcasts accurately, as there’s special episodes and even vodcasts, so I’ve actually produced #175… but hey, who’s counting?)

Of course, I’d like to see a lot less of what van der Merwe talks about as negatives. I would add things like people trying to tell me what to do: who to pay attention to, who not to pay attention to… when I just want to get good work done and make up my own mind. I’m not a child, I can make up my own mind and would prefer to. Especially when there’s people telling me what to do who have repeatedly demonstrated that they do not have my or my friends’ best interests at heart and certainly do not represent me.

But I’m certain you know that already. Or, at least, if you’ve followed the podcast long enough, you should know.


New podcast episode out this week, I have another lined up soon and that should bring the (official, but not accurate) number up to #150 for the Token Skeptic. Then I’ll see what happens next. I have a great and devoted audience, but like anyone, it becomes a bit of a grind when you feel there’s only negative noises online.

Next year is the 365 Days of Philosophy website. If you have any suggestions for content, please let me know. Every bit helps. And please, pass on the Curiouser and Curiouser link: The (Christmas) Season For Reason With Young Critical Thinkers.

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