New Tim Minchin “Woody Allen Jesus” Video – And Young Australian Skeptics On Randi.Org!

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The New Faces Of Young Skepticism: The Young Australian Skeptics Site Relaunch

What are some of the goals for the new site – will we see more YAS on the scene and in what ways?

Jack: The main goals for the site are: promote discussion about topics important to young skeptics, especially those in Australia, and raise the awareness and visibility of young skeptics in the online skeptical community; promote relevant events, such as those put on by university student groups; create a community and online support network for young skeptics, especially non-religious young people who may feel ostracised from their families and friends; and of course make ourselves very famous. I don’t get recognised on the street enough/ever!

We hope to hold some live events ourselves – in Melbourne, most likely – at some unspecified point in the future. We’ll keep you posted on that front…!

Tom: Yes, if we can bring a light to just one life and all that. Personally I’m going to use it to launch my music career, but don’t tell Jack! Also I believe that one of most important things to ensure a vaguely decent future for mankind is for the population to have a good grasp on not only science, but the ability to see things from perspectives other than your own. I think that’s really the whole point of skepticism, to be able to be critical, but also open minded.

Belinda: …but not so open minded that your brain falls out…

And a bonus…


If that’s helped you into the Christmas spirit then you may fancy keeping the mood going with Tim’s beautiful, sentimental song about Christmas and family: ‘White Wine In The Sun’. A new studio version was released, earlier this month, with all December proceeds, once again, going to theNational Autistic Society. Details of where to download it internationally here.


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