One Way Atheists Can Cope With Christmas

…imagine actually writing an article about how atheists can cope with Christmas.

Naturally if you read the whole context of Will’s Tweet, you’ll discover that it’s in response to an article by Alain de Botton.

Personally, I just sing.

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  • Matt Penfold

    Or you can do what many other people do, atheist and otherwise, and get drunk.

  • left hand slide

    I live in Taiwan where christmas is a non-event to most Taiwanese.
    I’ll be going to work on the 25th and it doesn’t bother me one whit.
    The other westerners I work with, however, are freaking out about it,
    including the atheists….

    I don’t mind working on Tuesday because unlike at home in Canada,
    there are things to do on the day – stores are open, TV shows are
    normal, etc. I hated “christmas” in Canada mostly because the day was
    boring, with nothing to do. I hated that more than the religious
    twaddle. Oh – and there’s no snow here, it was 17°C today (54°F).
    Sunday will be a nice day to go out.

    Most people had to work on Saturday, which is unusual here. The
    Taiwan government decided that businesses and schools should work on
    the 22nd and take the 31st off. It gives everyone a four day weekend
    (12/29-1/1), which people are looking forward to. Statutory holidays
    don’t exist in Taiwan, so if a major holiday falls on a weekend (like
    New Years’s day did last year), no one gets an extra day off. That’s
    one of two things I don’t like about living here, the other being all
    the fireworks.

    • Kylie Sturgess

      I wouldn’t mind working on Christmas. But fireworks and Chinese celebrations always make me happy.