Token Skeptic Goes Apocalyptic 2012 – New Podcast Now Out!

This episode is ENTIRELY due to Sebastian and Alexa – who have a forthcoming fantastic online show (which will completely knock mine out of the park, I bet) coming up called the Doomsday Gala.

This will be a live show that will interview people around the world, on the prescribed end-of-the-world date, on the 21st December itself. Brilliant!

In order to do a little research beforehand, I ended up doing a short podcast episode on 2012 prophecies, that you can check out over on the Token Skeptic podcast:

A number of people believe that the end of the world is due in December 2012 – or, at the very least, the end of the world as we know it. Dr Joseph Gelfer recently produced a range of scholarly analyses in his book 2012: Decoding the Countercultural Apocalypse, which includes perspectives from various disciplines such as  religious studies, anthropology, Mayan studies, cultural studies and the social sciences.

But do tune into the Doomsday Gala, because I’ll be reporting LIVE from Australia, where it’ll most likely be a blissfully sunny morning and involve virgin cocktails from a deckchair beside the pool. Utter hell, I assure you. I’ll be working on my best Julia Gillard impersonation too!

See you at TEDxPerth, tomorrow!


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