Twitter And The Morning Sessions At TEDxPerth

Some highlights and notes that I took during the morning.

From Dr Steven Tingay’s talk:

Charmaine Green – The Emu in the Sky – an example of pareidolia in the Milky Way, that relates to seasons.

“Early in the year you’ll just see his head and the head is where the Southern Cross and the little star is the eye of the emu. As the months go by the emu gets bigger and bigger. When you see the whole emu and it’s lying, they tell us that’s when the emu is laying eggs and sitting on the nest.” – Olive Boddington.

“The constellation of Orion also represents an emu. For many Aboriginal groups, the Coalsack, the dark cloud next to the Southern Cross, is associated with the ‘emu in the sky’. The Coalsack itself is the head of the emu, or to some tribal groups, a possum in a tree. The neck, body and legs are the dust trails stretching across the Milky Way. ” – Murdoch Independent, “DREAMTIME ‘DRAMAS’ WRITTEN IN THE STARS” by Andrew Porter.

Emu in the Sky – CSIRO award-winning astronomy photography.

From Melissa Langdon’s talk:

Pravda is a satirical play by David Hare and Howard Brenton exploring the role of journalism in society.

Images of Revolution – Documentary. The stories behind the iconic images of the Arab uprisings as told by those who filmed them. Al Jazeera.

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