Young Vagabond – An Australian Teen Magazine With A Difference

It’s been too lovely a day to end it on a negative – how’s this for a positive? The future Australian magazine Young Vagabond is seeking funding via Pozible and has thirty days to do so:

Young Vagabond from Young Vagabond on Vimeo.

Young Vagabond is a new magazine for teenage girls, offering an alternative to other print publications, which often have an unhealthy focus on image and sexuality.

Our aim: Through Young Vagabond, we aim to give young women a voice, and a magazine that they want to read. A magazine that doesn’t try and force them to look, feel or act the same as every other girl, doesn’t make them feel like they aren’t good enough, and that doesn’t underestimate what they are capable of!

Young Vagabond will be created with the potential of all women in mind. However we see no better place to direct this message of empowerment than at teenage girls. Teenagers have the freedom to choose who they will become, and Young Vagabond will set out to show these young women that their individuality, their distinct interests and capabilities, are worth developing and having pride in.

Because young women have broad and varied interests, Young Vagabond will cover a broad range of topics. We will feature articles relevant to being a teenager, and while this can include topics such as beauty, fashion, sex and relationships – it also very much encompasses articles that are relevant to the world at large.

About Kylie Sturgess

Kylie Sturgess is a Philosophy teacher, media and psychology student, blogger at Patheos and podcaster at Token Skeptic. She has conducted over a hundred interviews including artists, scientists, politicians and activists, worldwide.
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  • julian

    Seems admirable but I don’t know how viable it’ll be. From what I understand a lot of publications start off like but end up caving to advertising needs and having to run the type of advertisements and pieces this magazine seems to want to avoid.

    I’ll chip in a few dollars next pay period anyway.

    • Kylie Sturgess

      Yeah, there was an “independent” magazine that I brought here a few times some years back. Unlike this one, they weren’t specific about their target audience, but were a “generalist” kind of for-women publication, which I was willing to check out.

      The first two editions were all sensible health and wellbeing… and then they started to run psychic ads. Then they ran an article about recommending rebirthing (even with a brisk and cheerful “hey, some people kill people with this but it ‘ain’t all bad!” grotesque of an opening paragraph) and I hurriedly stopped flicking through them at the news-agency and recommended that friends avoid them. They eventually became all online/email and then disappeared.

      I’m all for independent publishing (ahem, not more Murdoch, Packer, Fox…) but it’s tough to get anything started – and I’d rather help in the right direction if I can. There’s an automatic refund if they don’t hit their target.

  • stormvos-browning

    Best of luck with this, it’s a worthwhile project.