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Firstly, hello to the people who came to this site looking for


I hope your curiosity is aroused and satisfied. Now I have some serious business to get to:

There’ll be an article by me about Daniel Loxton on the Young Australian Skeptics website some time in the near future, but you should check out their whole site and subscribe to enjoy all of their content. Please do – they’ll also be doing a Google Hangout with a number of other groups on Monday east coast Australia time and it should be supported.

I wrote the article for the YAS at about 3am some time ago, due to being unable to sleep due to arm pain. My injury (which has become worse since October) has now reached the point that I can’t write at length anymore without extreme discomfort and so I’m taking some time to stay offline. Being unable to type is painful, but not as painful as not being able to communicate with people via typing and I have to avoid writing long emails, blogposts and the like. It’s already cost me a friendship.

I’m also extremely uncomfortable with the online problems that have involved and divided skeptics, atheists and so on, particularly in the light of important issues that we should be raising our voices in unison about… I only have to point at Age of Kali – Rape – Round up and more news as an example. I can’t be involved in negativity and have that contribute to not getting any better. I’m staying off Twitter and Facebook as a result.

This is it for blogging for this day and for some time. I’ll keep up the 365 Days of Philosophy site as best as I can. I don’t like failing to keep up commitments… I aim to meet deadlines, even if it’s at the cost of my health. Those who know me, won’t be surprised. But I’ll keep my online activity on the 365 Days site to a minimal amount in order to be mindful of my injury, and I’ll also try to maintain my podcast. Thanks for being understanding.

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Australia And Friday 13th – A Skeptical Viewpoint
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Kylie Sturgess is a Philosophy teacher, media and psychology student, blogger at Patheos and podcaster at Token Skeptic. She has conducted over a hundred interviews including artists, scientists, politicians and activists, worldwide.
She’s the author of the ‘Curiouser and Curiouser‘ column at the Committee for Skeptical Inquiry website and travels internationally lecturing on feminism, skepticism, and science.

  • StevoR, fallible human being

    No worries. Hope you get well soon and smoothly.

  • Avicenna

    Remember the monkeysphere… Things outside it are hard to comprehend. I am stuck in a bizarre conversation with someone who has taken umbrage to Taslima’s statement that men who rape across the world are the same while comparing the football rape scandal to the Delhi rape…

    And all she is angry about is Taslima’s throwaway line that men are the same everywhere rather than “FUCK A DUCK! They raped a 16 year old girl who was unconscious and are being defended because they play a sport better than average!”

    You sometimes just cannot win… Get well soon! It won’t be team FTBullies without you!

  • Gina

    There should be more blogs like yours that set a good example for skepticism/atheism with resources and a fearless critique of skeptics/atheists who spread misinformation (I read your post Not enough people are out there doing that.
    Come back soon when you’re well. You’re needed.

  • Anonymous Atheist

    Have you tried looking into voice recognition software?

    • Kylie Sturgess

      “Voipe recognition sofa hap bean suggestions”.

      I run a podcast. I’ve already sent messages to a good friend via audio recording rather than typing. I requested that other friends just plain call me rather than have to rick paralysing my left hand for a few days because I emailed. I’ve stopped doing lengthy transcripts for a while (last one I did in November, I think) and have been cutting and pasting earlier work I did to help do the 365 days blogposts.
      I can’t grade papers without using my hands. While I’ve heard things about Dragon Dictation, it’s no replacement for just plain getting better. That’s what I’m working on.

  • martha


    I actually came here to check on you after hearing the news about the fires in New South Wales and not being able to remember which part of Australia you were in. Now it seems it’s not the fires, but your arm that’s a problem. Good luck with that.

    I haven’t followed atheist/skeptic blogs myself in some time because I concluded that the kind of community and connection I was looking for weren’t practical in an online environment and that the screen time was chewing through energy I needed for forming face-to-face connections, so I redirected my focus to tracking down the skeptic/humanist community in the nearest city and driving the hour to get there. However, I recently re-encountered your podcasts while drowning in rage and web-searches over the Savita H. case and played a fair number (not the Savita one) for my kids on a long road trip. The Self Illusion and Godless Parenting in particular provoked some interesting discussions. (My son is pro-Santa). My children’s minds are a bit of a mystery to me since at their age I was a very religious child with a full panoply of magical thinking and they are not, so it’s good to have pretexts for sharing information and hearing their thoughts.

    This is all in aid of saying how much I appreciate your voice and wish you well. Take care.