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Firstly, hello to the people who came to this site looking for


I hope your curiosity is aroused and satisfied. Now I have some serious business to get to:

There’ll be an article by me about Daniel Loxton on the Young Australian Skeptics website some time in the near future, but you should check out their whole site and subscribe to enjoy all of their content. Please do – they’ll also be doing a Google Hangout with a number of other groups on Monday east coast Australia time and it should be supported.

I wrote the article for the YAS at about 3am some time ago, due to being unable to sleep due to arm pain. My injury (which has become worse since October) has now reached the point that I can’t write at length anymore without extreme discomfort and so I’m taking some time to stay offline. Being unable to type is painful, but not as painful as not being able to communicate with people via typing and I have to avoid writing long emails, blogposts and the like. It’s already cost me a friendship.

I’m also extremely uncomfortable with the online problems that have involved and divided skeptics, atheists and so on, particularly in the light of important issues that we should be raising our voices in unison about… I only have to point at Age of Kali – Rape – Round up and more news as an example. I can’t be involved in negativity and have that contribute to not getting any better. I’m staying off Twitter and Facebook as a result.

This is it for blogging for this day and for some time. I’ll keep up the 365 Days of Philosophy site as best as I can. I don’t like failing to keep up commitments… I aim to meet deadlines, even if it’s at the cost of my health. Those who know me, won’t be surprised. But I’ll keep my online activity on the 365 Days site to a minimal amount in order to be mindful of my injury, and I’ll also try to maintain my podcast. Thanks for being understanding.

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