Helping Fundraise For Fight Childhood Cancer (With Australian Chocolate And Skeptic Books On Ebay)

LOOK! Each helps the fundraiser for cancer patients as mentioned on a recent Token Skeptic podcast!


Item One – Be Skeptical Australian Chocolates Basket
Australia is known for weird animals and weirder legends, but our chocolate and candy is legendary too! You need to test this scientifically, with numerous repeatable experiments on a wide number of supplied samples.

Item One TimTams


Item Two – Amazing Andrus DVDs and Book Collection
Take an escape to reality with this collection of skeptically fun books and DVD on one of the legendary figures in magic and illusion.

Item Three Andrus

Item Three – Beyond Belief Book Collection
There’s a number of great Australian skeptical authors out there – check out a few of them as you enjoy wearing your Four Horsemen shirt! Four Horsemen shirt requires size and preferred colour provided by winner.

Item Two Belief 2

There’s a LOT more on offer to help fundraise, particularly a hot-series of bids going on exclusive items donated by Ben Radford, so check them all out! Thanks so much to Dorion and Bob!

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