Quick Update – Stephen Law On 365 Philosophy And David Gorski And Robert Blaskiewicz On Token Skeptic Podcasts

365 Days Of PhilosophyI’d write to you all, but I can’t. I’m still recovering from an injury and I have two weeks of intensive work ahead of me to handle.

So, instead – I podcast. As best I can.

Firstly – check out the first interview for the 365 Days of Philosophy monthly podcast.

It’s now on iTunes at 365 Days of Philosophy, where I chat to philosopher Stephen Law:

Stephen Law (BA, BPhil, DPhil) is a philosopher and senior lecturer at Heythrop College in the University of London. He also edits the philosophical journal Think, which is published by the Royal Institute of Philosophy and aimed at the general public.

Professor Law is the author of a number of books, including The Philosophy Files, The Outer Limits, A Very Short Introduction To Humanism, The War For Children’s Minds and Believing Bullshit. He is also the Provost for the Centre for Inquiry, UK. He blogs at Stephen Law and Believing Bullshit, and uses Twitter at https://twitter.com/stephenlaw60.

Secondly – head over to Episode One Hundred And Fifty One – On The Houston Cancer Quack – Interview With David Gorski And Robert Blaskiewicz.

For this episode, I do a joint interview with both Dr. David Gorski and Dr Robert Blaskiewicz on the recent fundraising effort called The Houston Cancer Quack, which has already reached over $8000 at www.crowdrise.com/fightchildhoodcancer – for a very good cause.

The Token Skeptic podcast, with all of the previous episodes and show notes are available at http://tokenskeptic.org.

You may have seen the James Randi Show video on the same topic – if not, here it is:

You can also subscribe via iTunes to both shows, where you can help out by leaving positive comments and ratings. Thanks for listening!

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