Sean Faircloth Tour Of Australia – And Kickstarter For An Honest Liar James Randi Documentary

Two quick announcements – one for the diary and one to donate to:

The RSA is proud to announce that Sean Faircloth, author of Attack of the Theocrats: How the Religious Rights is harming us all, and what we can do about it! will be coming to Australia in March 2013. He will be appearing in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and also in Auckland, New Zealand.

Sean will be speaking at the Sydney Opera House on Sunday 24 March 2013. [Check the Sydney Opera House website for details.]

He will be appearing at Melbourne University on Tuesday 26 March – tickets will be available shortly via Trybooking.

In Perth, he will be at the University of Western Australia on Tuesday 2 April. Check “Sean Faircloth in Perth” on Facebook for details; there’s also the Meetup Group announcement.

In addition – remember the Token Skeptic interview I conducted with documentary filmmakers Justin Weinstein and Tyler Measom about the James Randi documentary An Honest Liar that I conducted a while back (as featured on the Curiouser and Curiouser column)?

“We could make a movie about just a simple biography of Randi and his background—but we’re a little more ambitious than that.”  – Documentary Filmmaker Justin Weinstein

Here’s the official Kickstarter to help them out!

It’s doing really well so far, but can still use some help, so check it out!

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