Very Odd Profile Article With Laser-Beam Dinosaurs And Daniel Loxton At Young Australian Skeptics Site

Still recovering. This was written during one of the many times when I couldn’t sleep and demonstrates why I should have taken a break for my health much earlier, really..


The man has the job of Editor of the Junior Skeptic insert in Skeptic Magazine, which pretty much reduces everyone else’s career into muttering envy over by the Skeptic​.com booktable at major conferences. And by “running”, I mean he does the research, the interviews, creates artwork and fires out award-​​winning books on dinosaurs and evolution like demi-​​gods of children’s non-​​fiction firing out from the head of Zeus.

…In reality, Daniel Loxton probably doesn’t have the time to attack you with Ankylosaurs, because ever since he grew up in the wilds of Canada herding sheep, he’s been steadily and successfully writing articles and creating illustrations that have been instrumental in educating all ages about skepticism.

(And we’re not talking fluffy Jesus-​​hugging-​​gentle-​​meek-​​and-​​mild sheep, we’re talking sheep which require dogs that look like this to stop them from attacking and swallowing bears whole in the forest.)

New podcast episode out tonight at (which is easier than typing at the moment) and probably one for Token Skeptic a little later.

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