Vote For Token Skeptic Podcast (And Other Favourites) In The UK Skeptic “Ockhams” Awards!

Now, I promoted these Awards last year and my friend Dan Keogh won for the Best Science Video category (The Placebo Effect by SkepAwardsLogoDaniel Keogh and Luke Harris) for a show produced in 2011!

So it’s worth a try rallying to get some help and it’d be great even just to get into the finals for my show The Token Skeptic – which has a lot of episodes produced since January, 2012.

Here’s my suggested nominations for the categories, and of course, vote for all your favourites in order to support their work. As the description says:

If you have a nomination for a great skeptical/science video which has been uploaded or created since January 2012…They all go to helping tireless people who spend their own time and money getting a great message out there.

And every nod to our effort helps encourage us to keep working. Without further ado, please consider:


Best Skeptic and Science Videos:

But if you REALLY want to make me laugh?

For Best Skeptic Video: Shit Skeptics Say by skepticallypwnd should get a nomination. Do it.


Best Blog:

There’s a lot of big names that’ll inevitably be in the running (such as; and Pharyngula won last year I think) – but think outside the box and give these shows some love:


Best Event/Campaign in 2012:

…or you could always vote for Kony 2012, but that might not be the best use of your vote.


Best Podcast

Please do vote for Token Skeptic – mine! There’s so many podcasts already out there that little ones like mine get lost in the mix –  also consider:

And please do think about the shows and sites that deserve support and love that may not usually get attention – one of the great things about awards is that even being in the running-up can help build an audience. Thanks!

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