Is Homeopathy Plus Australia In Trouble For Claims About Whooping Cough?

From their Facebook page:

Legal Proceedings against Homeopathy Plus

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) has commenced legal proceedings against Homeopathy Plus Australia Pty Ltd and homeopath Frances Sheffield. These complaints concern articles on the Homeopathy Plus website about the effectiveness of the whooping cough vaccine and the homeopathic approach to the treatment and prevention of whooping cough.

Following enquiries made by The Age, Melbourne, the ACCC has also advised Homeopathy Plus Australia Pty Ltd and Ms Sheffield of the possibility that newspapers owned by the Fairfax group will be reporting on this story. We will keep you informed about these events as further information comes to hand.

screen shot of homeopathy plus Australia Facebook

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  • J

    Hmmm. These guys are slimy at best – I had some good fun reading this page:
    …in which they don’t actually say very much at all, but just throw their hands up in the air and feign injury.

    Of course, the page with juicy and relevant details is not publicly available:

    “Some people think you shouldn’t know about homeopathy – especially in relation to this particular problem.

    They have lodged complaints with various government departments against Homeopathy Plus! and this website to stop the information entering the public domain.”

    That’s pretty disingenuous. I’m guessing what they mean is, “We’re getting sued over this, so we’re putting it behind our members’ area terms and conditions, which specifically prohibit you from showing other people what we said.”

    So I signed up. It still won’t let me log in.


    Even homeopathic websites don’t work…

    No dice seeing a cached copy or using the wayback machine – they’ve set up their robots.txt file to disallow crawling of their content. Has anyone else been able to get a look at what they actually wrote?

  • Andy

    Well, there is still this publicly available on the site…

    “Once again, we are about to enter the peak Meningococcal season and I believe that Australians have the fundamental right to know that homeopathy can provide safe, effective and inexpensive protection against all strains of this scourge.

    There are 13 strains of Meningococcal disease but only two available vaccines. … As with all vaccines, side-effects do occur. Common symptoms include fever, swelling, irritability, loss of appetite, and headaches. Life threatening side-effects are rare but have been reported. Homeopaths, along with naturopaths, chiropractors, osteopaths, and some doctors, note that many of their clients seem to have a reduced ability to resist infections following vaccinations.

    There IS a safe way, however, to protect yourself and your children against Meningococcal disease – homeopathy!

    And from part 2…

    “Children, prior to vaccines being available, escaped the disease of Whooping Cough if they were protected by HP.”

    The “informed consent” form is amusing. As deadly and debilitating as real vaccination is supposed to be, I don’t recall signing a waiver like this whenever I got them.

  • Andy

    Whoops. It appears something in FTBs comment style thingy partially strips italics after a para break if each paragraph isn’t contained withing separate tags. The para that starts “There are 13 strains of Meningococcal…” is a quote from the HP site.