The First Month Of The 365 Days Of Philosophy (A Book On The Way?)

I can’t stop blinking and swaying, I’m so tired.

Today, I was at three tertiary educational institutions (one new enrolment, one deferment and 20+ papers returned). Then I visited one cinema (to pick up tickets), three stores (just brought playing cards)… and all of this before midday. I think I have a visit to the museum planned for Sunday but I can’t see straight to check the calendar let alone have enough energy to finish this blogpost to figure out where I left my diary.

But I should just give a shout-out to the 365 Days of Philosophy project, because I’ve just completed the first month! Even though I haven’t been able to write much (at all) during much of that month due to my injury, I have kept up the daily blogposts. I also have big thanks to an offer of help that I haven’t taken up to properly move the sites to their own url, but I am working on it!

I even managed to achieve the first episode of my podcast-per-month goal:

365 Days of Philosophy iTunes

Tune in to the monthly 365 Days of Philosophy podcast for philosophical discussions about news, issues, good thinking, bad reasons and chat about seeking wisdom. The podcast can be found on iTunes here.

I’m thinking about writing a book about it, but it’d be different to the site – you can’t put in YouTube videos into a book, but I could work on getting better and by the end of the year create more detailed entries to fill in the blanks.

Check out the blog every day in 2013 at – or the Tumblr version of the site at

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