What’s In My Bag (UWA Open Day And Start Of Perth Writers Festival Edition)?

It’s been a time where I honestly don’t care about anything to do with atheism, skepticism, -isms of any kind and whether there’s fraught-ness and fighting – because I’ve been merrily busy!

Step one – empty out bag for cleaning.

my bag today Perth Writers and UWA Open Day edition It’s a mess. There’s even an uneaten pear sitting in the middle; I’ll have that for breakfast tomorrow morning.

Top centre – My pink converse shoes, which happened to match the scarf worn by Margaret Atwood – I think she was bemused. A hair decoration, black polka-dots. DVD of the documentary Festival Express, that I’ll be watching as a part of research for a radio class I’m doing.

Top right, sunglasses and my makeup/pencil-case/everything emergency case. As you can see, includes post-it stickers, band-aids, highlighter, lollipop, hand-sanitiser, birthday-cake-flavoured lip gloss and a few hairpins and a little bottle of Nina Ricci.

Tickets for the rest of the weekend’s lectures for the Perth Writers’ Festival; purse and signed copies of Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale and The Blind Assassin. iPod with pink headbuds and bag. You can also see one of my recording devices – it’s a Sony ICD-UX300F.

Programs! The Perth Writers Festival and the Fringe World Festival, and a flyer from the Fringe Festival show I saw, called Kaput. And a bottle of water that I picked up while running around the UWA Open Day:

Keep Calm and KarajanMusic students of UWA

UWA Open Day water slideWhat appears to be the Water Slide And Political Debate Union of UWA

UWA Atheists and Skeptics society 2013

 The wonderful UWA Atheists and Skeptics society, starting off 2013!

Here’s their board advertising forthcoming events, including the Sean Faircloth tour:

posters uwa atheists and skepticsThe Darwin poster is always a big hit.

 In addition, the first UWA Atheists and Skeptics barbecue for 2013 is being held on March 5th, at Matilda Bay –

UWA Atheists and Skeptics March 5th at Matilda Bay

Finally – here’s China Miéville and Margaret Atwood on stage!

Margaret Atwood and China Miéville

…And yet another shot of my shoes.

my shoes and Margaret Atwood

Speaking of talks – there’s an interesting Slate article on Jared Diamond, who I’ll be seeing present this weekend. If you’re around the festival, see you there!


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