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Front page of The West March 4th 2013 Nigerian scam


I remember when I first heard about Dean Cameron’s Nigerian spam scam scam play. It was presented at the Amazing Meeting 3. I honestly thought that this kind of fraud was unbelievable, ridiculous and that people wouldn’t fall for it.

This is the other side of such spam.

Police fear a WA great-grandmother who was found dead in South Africa was murdered by a Nigerian scammer she met on an online dating site.

The body of Wagin woman Jette Jacobs, 67, was found in a Johannesburg guest house on February 9, more than two months after she travelled to meet 28-year-old Jesse Orowo Omokoh.

Mr Omokoh was the last person to see Ms Jacobs alive and told police he found her body. He has since disappeared.

My condolences to the family and I hope that it will be resolved soon.

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  • Token Indigenous Skeptic

    Hopefully the Police will find him soon.
    I was ammused to find this in my local paper a few days ago:
    I was raised in a moderately chrisian home but I’m not familiar with the catholics so I was a litle perplexed at first while I recalled numerous pieces of scripture that would have said something about this but then just shrugged and thought; “typical hypocritical christians”.