International Women’s Day – Kiva And 365 Days Of Philosophy #IWD

So, I’m researching ideas for the 365 Days of Philosophy site and find the following video:

Depressing. Although I find some useful links over on the UNESCO site, featuring the International Network of Women Philosophers sponsored by UNESCO, unfortunately it seems the journal they feature stalled back in 2011. But it’s still got the archive up and that provides some resources for checking out.

UNESCO – 12 Ways to Celebrate International Women’s Day

In the meantime, the following from Kiva:

Every day we at Kiva hear stuff like this:

• 70% of the world’s poorest people are women.
• Two-thirds of illiterate adults are women.
• HIV is still the leading cause of illness for women in many places.

Kiva loans help thousands of powerful, inspiring women start businesses, educate their children, and realize their dreams. You can tip the balance! Celebrating International Women’s Day is as easy as making a loan.

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