Interview With The Divine Catherine Alcorn – And More Young Australian Skeptics (With Skeptics To Know)

A quick update of what I’ve been up to – with things that I hope you’ll enjoy!Divine Miss Bette logo

As a part of the radio course I’m doing, we’ve been doing one hour shows on albums – and the album I did was The Rose, which starred Bette Midler in her first (and Oscar-award nominated) movie role.

Since the recent Fringe Festival here in Perth featured a fantastic cabaret show by Catherine Alcorn, called The Divine Miss Bette, I thought it’d be a great opportunity to include an interview with her. Catherine’s performance was powerful, funny, occasionally poignant and made the Festival one to remember.

Here’s a link to the interview with Catherine (it’s short, but snappy!) and I highly recommend keeping an eye out for future performances. Her website can be found at

Another thing to keep an eye out for – I have recently submitted my second Twenty Skeptics You Should Know article to the Young Australian Skeptics, and it’s following on from the one I did with Daniel Loxton.

This time, it’s with Professor Donald Prothero – so check out the Young Australian Skeptics site as it’ll be posted there soon!

Unsubstantiated rumours have it that Professor Prothero was the man that George Lucas based his Indiana Jones character on, but changed the character’s career to archaeologist as a challenge to his spelling skills. Also, pitching a Paleozoic rock at a Nazi doesn’t look as attractive as flicking a bullwhip.

Prof Prothero’s snappy hat may or may not have been maintained to add that certain charisma to the fictional character. Lucas never writes or calls anymore, I don’t know what went wrong there.

If you’re not a subscriber to the Young Australian Skeptics podcast, called The Pseudoscientists, you really should be keeping an ear out for their fresh take on issues.

Other than that? I have some news tomorrow about the blog. Stay tuned.

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