Links Du Jour And Sunday Morning Survey – Tim Minchin On Broadway, More Henrietta Lacks, Support Baba Brinkman & Conference Feedback (Adria Richards)

There’s a number of links flying about, here’s a few that have caught my eye this Sunday morning:

 No one knows what we may someday learn about Lacks’s great-grandchildren from her genome, but we know this: the view we have today of genomes is like a world map, but Google Street View is coming very soon.

One of the best books I read the year it was released – Rebecca Skloot writes in the New York Times, “The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks, The Sequel”.

I know I’ve been doing a lot of “support this!” in the short time I’ve been here at Patheos… but seriously:

Darwin Meets Chaucer Off-Broadway: Three Plays in Rep – Three plays by Baba Brinkman and Mr. Simmonds in rotating rep off-Broadway. Evolution, Literature, Psychology and Hip-hop!

They haven’t got far to go to get full funding and the total is RIGHT NOW $18,060 raised of $20,000 Goal with only thirty hours left. If you can help, that would be just wonderful.

Speaking of making it on Broadway – interview with Tim Minchin in the New York Times:

Speaking of skeptics making it – Sharon Hill of the magnificent daily Doubtful News has also hopped over to a new site and you can find her at Huffington Post, helping balance out some of the weird (and “have you had sex with aliens??” questions that always puzzle me). She’s going for the sensible with a great starting post called I Doubt It and Maybe You Should Too.

Finally – what’s your take on the recent Adria Richards outing of men at a technical conference? I know that Ellen Beth Wachs has found it difficult discussing it without the inevitable online pile-on and I discovered the article Adria Richards, PyCon and How We All Lost” after everyone else has already discussed it to death – is it at all possible to discuss heated topics like behaviour standards at conferences without drawing lines?

Anyway, that’s my Sunday Survey and happy to support links and promotions – zip me a Tweet later in the week if you have something to say!

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