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Registration is now open. Places are limited – book now. Tickets $195 for the two days, includes access to all sessions, lunch, refreshments and evening event. Register online here.

I’m really excited about this – mostly because like great science conferences, there’s a call-out for people to send in their own feedback about what are the big issues that they want discussed. It’s good to have ideas sourced by those who are stakeholders – I’ve added in a few of my own ideas here (particularly about the critical thinking aspect in the forthcoming National Curriculum), so please feel free to add your own:

Is there something that you would like added that would be beneficial to your work? We would love your perspective to help shape the Summit discussions.

It’s a two way street
Engaging ALL Australians in the sciences 

Participative science
Encouraging the best in citizen science

Beyond tweets and blogs
Leveraging the changing media landscape

Diminishing degrees of separation
Developing collaborative approaches across sectors

Data at work

Developing the evidence base to guide future action


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