The Unbelievers – Ian McEwan, Cameron Diaz And Me, Together At Last

So, apparently I’m in this movie?

Don’t quite know where I am in it – internet access here is so stubbornly awful that it’s kind of like jumping up and down outside the fence of a drive-in movie and getting glimpses of the screen with every bounce. Eventually you give up and just find a good book to read instead.

[Speaking of which – holiday reading:]

Maybe I’m in the crowd scene at the Global Atheist 2012 convention or something? Looking at my watch and hoping everyone else hasn’t eaten the vegetarian meals on offer in the foyer before the vegetarians could get to them. If you were at the same event, feel free to say that you too are starring on the silver screen with Ms Diaz!

Anyway. Thanks to Tony B who went to the screening tonight and said that he spotted me. One other Tweeter from the event:

Ian McEwen next to Cameron Diaz as he discusses the film #TheUnbelievers. It was made for about $500k.

No, I didn’t get paid to be in the movie, but being in a movie with Cameron Diaz is one thing my relatives might understand about what I do. So, nifty!

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