“Assassin Princess” On NPR (Princess Marty’s Tales Of Being A Party Princess)

Just a quick update – as you know, Patheos is updating the comments on their site, so comments will be down for a while until the transfer over to Diquusueuerususussess (or whatever it is…). All I know is that comments down, but blogs still up.

That is, apart from my blog. See, my injury is flaring up again [essentially everything slowly jams up, starting with pain in forearms, then hands, fingers, shoulders, neck…and at its worst, resulting in being unable to clench or close my hands, drive (especially turning to see oncoming traffic!) or write, type, use a computer, sleep without pain or do anything but beg people to use the phone rather than email me and stare blankly at a book or TV screen, while thinking about all the news I’m missing out on. At one point I was doing physio and exercise twice a week to unclench, with a bottle of painkillers to keep this Ms Miserable company].

Unfortunately this is the side effect of an intense few weeks of writing assessments as both a student and a teacher. Therefore… this is the last “proper” blog update for a while and I’ll focus on the podcast instead (less wear on the hands and shoulders when you have templates for your episodes and just pop the final audio into the mix and tell iTunes to upload it for you). I don’t want to give up everything I’m doing, but I hope to be back on track by the end of this week.

In the meantime – I can’t believe I missed this item at the end of last year.

For a while I was reading about Marty’s job that featured as items and Q&A on the Something Awful forum board, which then became “pay to read” (and has since reopened). No more stories about working as a professional party princess, and I hoped I’d be able to read the book that I hoped she had in the works instead.

Then – an interview on NPR! And she has a free-for-everyone-to-read blog! Check out Princess for Hire. And I’ll be in touch later in April.

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