Australia’s Daily Telegraph Continues #NoJabNoPlay Campaign – Gets Tony Abbott Endorsement

Morning paper in New South Wales – for the 12th May! What have they continued to serve up? Let’s get political! By Jane Hansen – Tony Abbott backs No Jab, No Play campaign:

A TONY Abbott-led government will crack down on people who choose not to vaccinate their children by supporting childcare centres’ right to turn away children who are not immunised and by reviewing family benefit payments to vaccine refusers.

In response to The Sunday Telegraph and The Daily Telegraph’s No Jab, No Play campaign, the federal Opposition Leader, whose wife Margy runs a childcare centre, said it was time to act on plummeting vaccination levels.

“If childcare centres want to implement “no jab, no play” then they should be free to do so – and we will work with the states and territories to make it happen,” Mr Abbott said.

Well, while I have issues with Abbott, hopefully this will have the chance to be a vote-winner for other politicians too. See here the Hansard record of the Health Legislation Amendment Bill, 2013, from 8th May, in particular:

The Hon. CATHERINE CUSACK [6.25 p.m.]: The Health Legislation Amendment Bill 2013 proposes several amendments to the Health Care Complaints Act. As a member of the Parliament’s Joint Committee on the Health Care Complaints Commission, it is those issues to which I wish to address my remarks. The new provisions will allow the Health Care Complaints Commission to initiate and investigate on its own motion. This addresses a disappointing situation concerning an organisation known as the Australian Vaccination Network, which is a Bangalow-based organisation that is opposed to childhood immunisation that has successfully undermined many parents’ confidence in the benefits of immunisation. The Australian Vaccination Network’s former director and founder, Meryl Dorey, has undertaken extensive media interviews across Australia using free national media, radio and print to promote her claims that vaccines are toxic and harmful to children.

If you haven’t checked out the coverage in The Telegraph, they’ve been hitting this issue very hard over the past week or so, and the campaign to petition their cause has had some traction on Twitter, MamaMia, et al.

Don’t forget – on the SBS station in Australia, the documentary Jabbed will be airing on the 26th May, also via OnDemand.



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