Links Du Jour – Jamy Ian Swiss Video At FreeThought Alliance, Farewell Eugenie Scott And Amanda Berry Psychic Fail #NoJabNoPlay

Jamy Ian Swiss at the Orange County Freethought Alliance conference May 4, 2013. Here you go:

Related – PZ Myers quits skeptic movement, should we care? – by Massimo Pigliucci:

But there is something to be learned here, which is why I will use this specific incident to make a broader point about what I think is really problematic in the skeptic movement.

…I think the primary problem with the skeptic movement — of which I am and remain a proud member — is that too many people, both among the “leaders” and the rank-and-file, seem to be in it for the sheer pleasure of calling others out as idiots. 

Eugenie Scott is retiring as head of NCSE – a marvellous advocate; a tough and focused fighter for science and rationality; the most wonderful person… and the only conference-goer I could tour around Berlin with – and an impromptu viewing of The Avengers in a German movie theatre (with the  biggest laugh at the part where The Incredible Hulk showed Loki what he thought of him) that is forever memorable.

Continuing the Australian (NSW) media trend of #NoJabNoPlay to challenging anti-vaccinationists: Wheelchair a daily reminder of health risk in The Daily Telegraph: “Having lived with polio for his entire life, George Laszuk has one question for people who oppose immunisation – do you want to end up in a wheelchair too?”

And Jo Thornely, also in the Daily Telegraph with Let’s protect delicate kids from those nasty facts: “Alternatively, people could just stop listening to rubbish and get their kids vaccinated.”

Speaking of which – Perth People: There’s free seminar for parents on infectious disease and vaccination on Tuesday May 14th:


Amanda Berry is dead, psychic tells her mother on Montel Williams’ show (republished). Seriously:

“She’s not alive, honey,” Sylvia Browne told her matter-of-factly. “Your daughter’s not the kind who wouldn’t call.”

With those blunt words, Browne persuaded Miller to accept a grim probability that has become more likely with each passing day.

Miller went back to the West Side home where she had been keeping Amanda’s things in careful order and cleaned up. She gave away her daughter’s computer and took down her pictures. “I’m not even buying my baby a Christmas present this year,” she said.

Finally, in case you missed it – Discovering kindness without ‘mawkish humility’ – Celebrating superheroes like Wonder Woman, who provide children with a richer fantasy world than tiaras and tea parties can alone, writes Damon Young.


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